Year: 2009

I’ve Loved You Before – Melissa Etheridge

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Soul Contracts with Ourselves and Others (Blog Talk)

Is there someone you know that is suffering from an “unfortunate” situation or illness in their life? This show is dedicated to sharing how powerful our soul contracts are and the purpose behind them. This includes the contracts we make

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Individual and Combined Soul Contracts

If you grew up in any organized religion as I did, you may have been told that what happens to you and around you is not of your control, that all you can do is the best you can. I

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You: The Greatest Gift you Can Give your Lover

People love to shower their partners with the finest gifts. It’s fun and liberating to share what you have with your love, but the greatest gift you can give to someone else is yourself. When you improve your life a

Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude

Colin and I are going to hold a space of gratitude during this show. Since Thanksgiving is this week, we encourage you to remember all the beautiful experiences and people you have in your life. We would like to invite

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Teen Issues within Relationships

Are you a teenager with questions on experiences you may be having in your relationships: friendships, romantic, family or the relationship you hold with yourself? Are you a parent that has a teenager and you have concerns as to how

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Imagine That ~ All you Need is Within You

Have you found yourself looking to outside sources, either people or actual things for support and guidance in your daily life? You are not alone. Many of us have been taught that we are born without power and we need

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Revolutionary Road – The Inner Dream vs Society’s Dream (Blog Talk)

Have you watched the movie Revolutionary Road? We are going to discuss the many ideas that this movie brings through. We can choose to live the reality of our own inner dream or we can submit to the dream that

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It is Possible to Receive Love after a Dear One Passes On

Have you or someone you know had a loved one pass on and would like to experience a loving relationship again? Have you found yourself doubting whether or not it is possible to love again? In this show, we will

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Being Happy Requires Self Awareness, Releasing Assumptions, and not Taking Things Personally

I have many people ask me what is the problem within their relationship with their partner. First, I have to say that there is never a “problem” but rather things to work on or let go of. Don Miguel Ruiz

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