Month: July 2013

Your Unique Vibration is Your Natural Essence

What is the unique vibration of your ray of essence? There is an energetic frequency that you, and only you, hold. This is what makes you who you are, as it is how you approach relationships, situations, creations… I have

Faith is About Trust that the Journey is Perfect in Each Moment

When you have have faith on your journey, it is not about wondering about what each step along the way will entail or doubting the “end” result (whether or not you’ll get there). It is about seeing within your heart’s

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You are Loved Beyond your Perception

If you knew how much I loved you, you would be down upon your knees in the most profound gratitude for feeling the intensity of the love you ARE embracing you, clothing you, comforting and warming you beyond your imagining.

You Love IN the Loving

I love you through everyone my presence touches and I love everyone I touch through you, Beloved. You are the face I see when I share with each and every piece of the divine, person or thing. You are the

Your Feelings are a Compass to Guide You

Just before I embarked on my shift in my life journey, one that brought me in an intimate alignment with my heart, I sat down with a family member to share a dinner just between us two. She shared with

How to Open to Love

Q. I was wondering what your personal practice is to open up to love. I am on this ever unfolding journey and am always interested in how people are able to unlock the places that keep the love from flowing.

Move from Conceptualizing Your Essence into Actualizing the Love you ARE

We have moved as a society, as a world, so far from the giving of the message or understanding the messages, but rather focusing on the “facts.” LOVE, the way of LOVE, in following your heart, questioning everything as you