Month: May 2012

Spiritual Partnership

A Spiritual partnership is one based in Spirit. Spirit sees, feels, and responds in the vibration of deep unconditional love, beyond the limitations of the mind. The relationship with your twin flame and even your soul mates is first based

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Don’t Underestimate the Little Things

Holding hands is underrated, really it is. The intertwining, the open warm energy exchange…need I say more? Honor the little things, for truly they are big things to the heart.

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Understanding Your Challenges as Planned Before Incarnation

Listen to my interview with Robert Schwartz discussing his first book, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born here: First Interview with Robert and the second interview here on his second

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Understand Why You’ve Chosen Your Life Plan Before Birth

Have you Wondered Why You have Certain Challenges in Your Life and Just What you Are Here for? I was joined by Robert Schwartz, a Hypnotherapist and Author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You

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Go Outside and Play

Annie said, “the sun will come out tomorrow,” but why wait? Go outside and play in God’s playground, now. Do it. NOW. Go. NOW.

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Increasing the Vibration of Love Flowing Through You

Let me offer you a perspective for today. Doing nothing is doing everything. You are molding yourself, reshaping the YOU that you are energetically, and in all ways. Right now, all you have to do is let these energies of

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The Truth of Unconditional, Eternal Love and Union

****This is a sample/excerpt from my upcoming book, Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness.**** Website for Rising Up the Ladder of Love ****Note: I will be focusing on bringing this book into being for all

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Be Love and Be Loved as You See Love in All That Is

Q. I know my twin flame is coming because I feel him. What do I need to be doing to prepare in terms of meditation or anything else? A. What paves the way for a deepening of your connection and

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Be Wowed by the Magic that Every Now Moment Holds

Have you Felt Yourself Amazed by the Awesomeness of Life when You Hold Yourself Fully in the Moment? Join me and Brian Piergrossi, Life Coach, Spiritual and Meditation Teacher and Author of The Big Glow and the new book The

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The Way is Connecting With and Following Your Inner Guidance

We ALL, myself included, have days, even moments when we can doubt our own light. We can question whether we are doing what our soul is calling us to, and if so, if we are doing it in the way

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