Month: June 2011

Unconditional Twin Flame Love is Infinite

Right now I am enjoying each step of my twin flame reunion as I look in the mirror (my twin) at myself with every passing day, growing and overflowing with love, beyond what could ever be conceived…unconditional, limitless, intense love,

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You Can Feel Your Twin Flame Right Now

Q. Is it possible to still feel your twin flame even though neither of you have never met or spoken before? And how can you be certain if you will meet your twin flame in this lifetime? A. Yes, it

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Without You – Eddie Vedder

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The Twin Flame Journey and Reunion: Remembering

The twin flame journey is about remembering. It is about remembering that you already know your twin flame, as you already know the mutual soul intention of what you have desired to create, individually and together in this lifetime. This

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Mini Readings with Gabriella and Lunar Eclipse Talk

In this show, I offered mini intuitive readings and also talked about the energies of the lunar eclipse, full moon and summer solstice in releasing the old so that the new can fully be welcomed in and embraced. Listen to

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The Adjustment Bureau – The Union of Free Will and Destiny

Nothing is ever random, I don’t believe in accidents, so while I was on the plane June 10, heading into MA, I was in the vibration of feeling love and noticing synchronicities…the movie on the plane was THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.

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I Knew I Loved You ~ Savage Garden

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Understanding Love and Soul Contracts for Creation

Do you know that you are an Active participant in your life, creating your reality? Do you also know that those souls that are now in your life, have been in your life and will be in your life are

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This is It – Blossoming of Twin Flame Love

I’ve been experiencing and feeling rather intensely recently, as many of you have told me that you are also. As I have mentioned, the energies are speeding up, meaning that experiences/transitions which once took a long time to go through

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Trust Your Heart

Q. Why are there so many different explanations of what twin flames are? There is a new site I found out about that states that all these other sites about what a twin flame is are wrong. They say that

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