Month: July 2011

I Will Find You – Clannad

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In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel

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Energies are Speeding Up

Q. What do you mean when you say the energies are speeding up? I’ve been feeling anxious as of late, wanting to contact, but I stop myself. Also, dreams of him have been more profound. A. Have you noticed that

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All Relationships Reflect Your Growth and Choice

Your Relationships are a Reflection of Your Growth and Your Choice All of the relationships you find yourself in as well as those around you reflect your desire for a higher love. If there are challenges within your relationships, they

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Education in Transformation

As we move forward with consciousness in building the New Earth the way our souls are being guided, it is only natural to include education. I have felt this for some time, and have had my own experience in the

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Your Relationships are a Reflection of your Desire for a Higher Love

I shared on how all of your relationships are a mirror for you in your desire for a higher love, the three parts of the twin flame relationship and service, surrendering and letting go, and suggestions for movies to watch

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Is Karma with Soul Mates and Twin Flame to Learn Unconditional Love?

Q. Isn’t the karma of all high level soul mates and twin flames to learn unconditional love? Is it only with lower level soul mates that other things may need to be worked out? A. First, I want to bring

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My Journey Back to Home

On the morning of Sunday, July 3rd, I arrived at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT ready to embark on my journey to Hawaii. I had checked in online but was unable to print my boarding passes, so when I

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A Higher Love is Granted If You Want It

Have You Been Searching for a Higher Love? Join me with special guest, Cindi Sansone-Braff, an entertainer, relationship coach, Tarot card reader and Medium. She is the author of the book, Grant Me a Higher Love: How to Go from

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I Just Can’t Stop Loving You ~ Michael Jackson

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