Month: October 2012

On this Hallows Eve, if you Hide, Allow Yourself to Receive

To all of you, through my experiences, moving into the oneness and wholeness of all things, I can no longer see things as one way or the other, for all is ONE, and my vision has expanded to see and

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Embrace the Magnificence that is You

Feel the egoic separation stuff that *attempts* to take you away from your deep sense of peace and knowing, love and flowing, connection and glowing with all that is manifesting and increasing along your journey. Sit with it, lay with

The Orchestration of Twin Flame Reunions in All Ways

Q. Are things being done in the universe in order to bring twin flames together physically? A. Quite simply, YES!!!! Things are absolutely being orchestrated to bring twin flames together physically. If it is in your soul plan to join

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Awakening Your Beloved Online Course

Awakening Your Beloved Online Course Starting January 2013 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This course will be a month long ~ we will meet twice a week, each meeting will be an hour ~ here is where you will receive and

The Divinity and Oneness of Us All

The masculine needs the feminine and vice versa to continue rising in love and flowing with one another. Acknowledging and honoring these energies within, bringing them in balance with one another, then flowing this balance within relationship with a partner

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The Religion of Love

“I belong to no religion. My religion is Love. Every heart is My temple.” ~Rumi Seeing every heart as another opportunity to merge with the love within you as this Beloved energy brings you deeper into being the full expression

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Balance of Spiritual and Physical Divine Union Between Masculine and Feminine Energies

“It is important to not try to understand or analyze such attraction…” follow where your heart and your soul is pulling you towards. You are here to move beyond and within at the same time. When we have become true

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Move Beyond and Within at the Same Time

Follow where your heart and your soul is pulling you towards. You are here to move beyond and within at the same time. Many of you may be feeling what seems like outer and inner chaos ~ it’s like you

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A Sign for You

Love Doesn’t Hide Away

The Beatles sang, “You’ve got to hide your love away,” but you can’t truly experience love if you hide away. The heart enjoys nakedness.

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