Month: June 2010

The Secret Yoga Method To Attract Your SoleMate

When Vishwanath Iyer, a yoga-based relationship coach, motivational speaker and author – explains the process, one starts to ponder the seemingly limitless possibilities of yoga and its benefits in the areas of relationships, love, marriage and life. He says it

Written on a Napkin on a Plane to LA

Within the calm presence of you I have found that heaven here in your voice, is the sweetest sound. We have created a masterpiece of dreams unfolding now as we journey towards home. Our eyes are open as we awaken

Choice is Never Personal and Evolution is Always Mutually Occurring

Q I wanted to post this question to you, as I feel it’s a worry or concern I need to release and let go of. My fear… and I feel that our paths are heading this way… that in this

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Release Three Things and Create Your Happiness

We interviewed Kimberly Trapp. She is putting together a documentary and book of people who are willing to release things that they want to forgive themselves for, to allow themselves to change around what is no longer serving them and

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Being in Love and Sharing your Completeness

Q Can my relationship partner complete me? Is this person really the other half of me and what does that mean? A Years ago, when the movie Jerry Maguire came out, there was a lot of hype over the line,

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Communication in Dreams With Your Twin Flame

Have you felt as though you are communicating in your dreams with your Twin Flame? Do you feel as though you are traveling at night but not aware of where you have been? Many of us are preparing for twin

True Love Partnerships

From the book 11:11 Inside the Doorway by Solara One of the ways in which we can reach the state of One Heartedness is through a relationship with your True Love. Coming together in partnership with another is not a

Believe in Twin Flames or Not

Q Why is it some people do not believe in Twinflames? I had a psychic reader tell me that I have many soulmates but she said she does not believe in Twinflames. A Sometimes, people are not ready to hear

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Only One Twin Flame

Q Is it possible to have two twin flames? A There is only one twin flame. However your twin flame can come through in another physical relationship you have on Earth. Your twin flame embodies an essence, and this essence

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Why We Love: Fulfilling our Connections to Wealth and Success

Sometimes we wonder if it’s all really worth it. The heartache, the surprise, the intensity…you know you do fall in love but why? Does being in love and sharing love hold a deeper, mystical purpose to life fulfillment? Join Gabriella

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