Month: May 2013

Love Breaks Down any Limitations to its Fullest Expression

Q. It has been a long time since I contacted you. I have been following your blog though but I was feeling only like an observer. Now something has come up and I want to share it. About a year

The Force that Carries You

Those of you that have experienced this will understand. There is a force that pulls at you when you least expect it, or perhaps because you aren’t expecting it…this force overtakes you as it forsakes any shards of “sanity” you

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Do you Have any Should Bees in Your Garden?

There are no more “should” bees in my world. See they used to hover like this one, intently gazing into my essence, asking me if I wanted him to stay. Lovingly and politely I offered him the chance to explore

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The Meaning of Art is in Art Itself

What is the meaning of Art? Well ~ there’s no such thing. Art IS. Art brings us into this ISness as it breaks this ISness in the same instance. I taught creative writing classes years back and found there are

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If Only ~ You Had a Second Chance to Love, Would you Take It?

Last night, I watched the movie “If Only” with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I must say, that it profoundly brought me into the depth of my personal journey, all of the steps and everything that has happened to bring me to

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Bonnie Raitt ~ Take My Love With You

Daylight, I think about you and wonder where you are At night I’m wishing, looking at the stars, But I don’t worry ’bout you, I know that soon you’ll be home. But while you’re gone Take my love with you.

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The Letter Writer ~ Your Actions and Choices have the Power to Affect Others

“There’s a god given ability that if you find it and nurture it, you’ll be able to bless the lives of others.” “If I’m the one person who has something nice to say about you, I know you better than

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Surrender into this Moment of Not Knowing to Bask in the Experience as it Brings you into the Known

*Here is the MP3 link if you choose to listen or download it* Have you witnessed yourself trying to figure things out, wanting to piece things together? With everything that happens do you try to understand it so that you

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The Message of the Moth and Seeing Beyond Seeing

There’s a moth on my window as I’m listening to Merlin’s Magic ~ a chakra meditation piece…as I glanced over at the moth, I noticed that its wings were the union of all colors, like a rainbow, but beyond it,