Month: June 2013

Visit the Gratitude Seesaw

I am probably not the first, but I’m the one in my own world, that is, which coined the phrase, “the gratitude seesaw.” How does this work? Well, find someone that you are thankful for, EVEN if this person did

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Love Invites You to Remember Its Infinite Presence

Through my own personal journey towards and with love, I’ve uncovered and remembered love. Love doesn’t follow blindly the instructions or actions of others, but moves in grace with the feelings inside as companions. Love doesn’t tag along for the

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Moving Through Reality into Truth and Truth into Reality

Is reality fixed? Is it tangible? Is your reality created from within outward or is your reality made from what you’ve chosen to agree with, from concepts, ideas, lessons, disappointments, visions within your outer experience? There are layers of reality,

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The Power of the Unknown Within Remembrance

May you go along your journey not knowing… yet knowing into the not knowing… emerging into remembrance.

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Take Your Love Temperature

The love you give and receive depends on how much love is in your love meter. How do you respond to others when they are moving through the waves within themselves and throwing pebbles at you? How do you respond

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The Magic of the Mirror Mind

The Magic Within the Mirror Mind Jointly, we move through each and every crevice, organizing the keys to ignite and start the next device, stealthily working in the early hours, no longer a novice. Heaven awaits your lightning arrival at

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The Way Home is Burning Inside of You

Q. The person who I believe is my soul mate, in real life doesn’t know me (I don’t think). I met them a long time ago (20-odd years) and have never forgotten about them. But over the past two years,

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