Month: March 2014

Awaken into Divine Love: Twin Flames Revealed ~ Interview with Dawn and Steve

In this episode, I interview Dawn Panico and Steve Selcke on their journey of awakening into Divine Love, and the awareness of who they are to each other, the twin flame of their own unique ray of love. How intimately

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Love Yourself ~ Accept Compliments

Somehow, it can be considered spiritual and without ego to deflect or reflect compliments rather than to accept them. Yet I invite you, I encourage you, to welcome in compliments that come, for these are gifts in the present for

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Twin Flames Revealed ~ The True Love Story

Often we grow up not consciously aware of the fact that we are like sponges, soaking up other’s perceptions, emotions, beliefs about life, about love, about how we are to be within the world. Part of the process of “growing

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The Trueness I AM and in the Oneness I Reside

Oh Universe, Multi-verse, hear my soul verse, let this moment rehearse me into the creation of the next glorious manifestation. You know all that my heart desires, and the fuel that ignites the fire within. The love that I AM

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The Fairytale is Illusion

The Fairytale of love ~ everything will be smooth in all moments, everyone will live happily ever after. The biggest illusion of all. What is real, true love? Unconditional, pure love, that will be there, stay there, with a heart

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Her ~ The Heart’s Infinite Ability to Be and Receive Love

Today, at Starbucks, I was sitting at a table with my laptop, taking a break between work to observe people, and noticed three people awaiting the readiness of their chosen caffeine drinks, all of them looking down at their cellphone

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Your True Essence is Eternal and Always at Peace

Remember, that there is nothing you need to do to keep this stillness, for it IS you. Let the waves of anxiousness move through and know that what is there observing your emotions (energy in motion) is the true essence

Remember the Darkness Merges with Light

Remember, when you are crawling out of a deep, dark pit, you may get dirt under your nails, but you have emerged, and it is your strength that brought you to stand where you are, right now. The beautiful thing

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