Month: April 2013

Insights Along the Twin Flame Journey of Divine Love and Life

Let Go of Why in Resistance into the Why of Observation. Ask, “how can I be love now?” and “How am I receiving love now?” “I don’t know” surrenders you to the experience and to the moment in a profound

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Big Fish ~ Merging Fantasy and Reality

“Most men they’ll tell you a story straight through. It won’t be complicated but it won’t be interesting either.” If you’ve ever wondered what is true or what is false in your life experience, what is accurate and not so

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Infinitely We are Always Connected

Today as I was laying on the beach, I observed a bee going away from this big tree trunk immersed within the sand…he would go away from it and then come back (for there were many little holes within the

Vulnerability is Strength of Expressing your Heart in Its Purity

I just had a twin flame session with a man. It was just so beautiful and blessed. Tears came through and up, insight came in with a profound embrace, love was given and received, encouragement and support readily here between

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Looking for Your Face ~ Rumi

The Poem that has resonated so deeply in my soul when I recognized my Beloved. It IS divine & I’m not afraid!

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Cloud Atlas ~ Lives Upon Lives that Weave Together, Intersect and Connect

This is a movie that brings about the perception of the many lives we live and how we continue to meet up with the same souls, as we take on different roles, to learn different or expansive lessons, to co-create

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The Remembered Degrees Given by Living Life

I have a Bachelor’s in Patience with a focus on Trust…a Masters in Surrendering with a minor in Humor…and a PhD in Receiving. And the combination of all of these allows for a continuous cycle of abundance in every way,

Let us Walk Together as Beloveds to Be the Embodiment of Divine Love

*At the end of this piece, there is a link to listen to what is written here via MP3, if you prefer to listen to the vibrations* As a young girl, I remember asking my mother, “how do I know

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Touch ~ Truly Everything Touches and Connects with Everything Else

If you have ever witnessed the connection and interconnection of many things, the myriad of synchronicities not readily explained around you, a multitude of numbers that seem to be connecting with you or giving you messages, if you’ve ever seen

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Be the Love You Are

It is always about being love…which then sets in motion the natural flow of the love of the Universe coming back to you, asking for you to receive it…being love…and being loved. This is when you welcome in the Beloved

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