Month: January 2012

Pain Comes from Fear – Recognize It, and Understand There is Love Underneath

Q. i think i may have met my twin soul, in 2007, and it’s so complicated to explain. i keep having dreams of him, even though we haven’t talked in 8 months. i just had one the other night of

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The Great Lesson Movie of Inspiration

I was joined by Drew Scott Pearlman, a filmmaker, teacher and martial artist who lives just outside Boston, to share on his inspirational movie The Great Lesson. This new documentary film is about the power of mind and body. Drew

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Underlying Everything is Love: There is Only Love

Do you believe that there is only love? How about in the midst of what we call tragedy, abuse, violence? I’m going to go into detail on just how things that may be seen as negative are actually beautiful opportunities

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About to Embark on my Move to LA…

Since I wrote to you last, I knew that I was being guided to go to LA, well, not just go, but literally to move there, because every fiber in my being feels and knows that it is time to

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The Light of Our Soul

Star light, star bright, how beautiful you are in white. Wrap my heart so tight, keep it safe in flight. I know it is so right that I stand to my full height. I am holding with all my might

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Dreaming of the Twin Flame While Physically Apart

Q. I am a clairvoyant, I visualize things and put them in to their place in a verbal way to express it to someone else…I have known who I believe is my twin flame, Sean for almost 13 years…so from

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Discover How to Bring Love Deeply into Your Life

I was joined by Natalia-Love Koteva, Author of The How to Love Manual. We shared on how to bring love deeply into every moment of your life, all of your relationships, your situations, your experiences. You will be immersed with

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Will You Committ Yourself to Live in the Divine Flow with Me?

I have mentioned how important surrender, constant surrender, is along the twin flame journey but also of life in all areas, all aspects. This place that I have been in since November has been the most surrendered, liberated, FREE space

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You Know the Truth of Your Path in Union with Your Twin Flame in Your Heart

Q. My Twin Flame is very close to me although we do not get to hang out regularly, we are trying to start a closer relationship together despite the separations due to work. We live in the same city and

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Video Interviews on Love, Relationships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames

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