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The Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Marriage

This is SO worth a read! Tears of gratitude & peace ran down my cheeks!! “This year is all about true loving heart exchanges.” This does explain in depth a lot of what we have already experienced but also what

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Reunion and Merging in the Dream State

Q. I wanted to know if you can have your reunion with your twin in the dream state? I had a powerful dream where I remember saying this is our reunion and from there we made love to one another

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Our LoveMaking Quaking and Awaking Us into One

by Gabriella Hartwell It is you again, and our love making that catapults my soul profoundly into this physical body, the love within us shared and merged between us brings an outpouring of tears to my eyes, down my cheeks.

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The Truth of Unconditional, Eternal Love and Union

****This is a sample/excerpt from my upcoming book, Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness.**** Website for Rising Up the Ladder of Love ****Note: I will be focusing on bringing this book into being for all

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Be Love and Be Loved as You See Love in All That Is

Q. I know my twin flame is coming because I feel him. What do I need to be doing to prepare in terms of meditation or anything else? A. What paves the way for a deepening of your connection and

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Union Consciousness Urges you to Extend Love to All Now

Q. Your meditation video is so beautiful. Fills me with peace. It is a validation that our journey is true and not our own obsession. We wait for divine timing. Is is true that we can show our unconditional love

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2012 – Twin Flame Reunions and Ascension

Q. 2012 is said to be the time of ascension. Does it mean that twinsouls incarnated here will be reunited in the physical now? We are already united spiritually, so, does that mean that this spiritual union is sufficient for

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Meditation to Draw in and Embrace Physical Reunion with Your Twin Flame

Feel the vibrations within this video to raise your frequency in preparation for your divine, sacred twin flame reunion in all ways. Get comfortable: sit down, lay down, close your eyes, keep your eyes open, watch and listen more than

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Meditation to Draw in and Embrace Physical Reunion with Your Twin Flame

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Continuing to Move From Separation into Union Consciousness in Relationships

We are continuing this trek through releasing all of the aspects of separation to move into the vibration of union. You may have noticed that you have been swimming in your fears. You may be feeling a lot of emotions

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