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Let the Tug of War Cease

Q. What does push pull mean exactly when describing twins I am not sure if I understand that term? A. When you think of push pull, envision a tug of war – one person on each side of the rope,

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A Time of Transition into Union and Deepening the Truth Within You

Many of you are going through a lot of transition right now ~ a lot of shifting in your inner and outer experiences, with lots of crying, frustration, intensity on many levels and in all directions. What this intensity is

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The Truth of Unconditional, Eternal Love and Union

****This is a sample/excerpt from my upcoming book, Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness.**** Website for Rising Up the Ladder of Love ****Note: I will be focusing on bringing this book into being for all

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Meditation to Draw in and Embrace Physical Reunion with Your Twin Flame

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Continuing to Move From Separation into Union Consciousness in Relationships

We are continuing this trek through releasing all of the aspects of separation to move into the vibration of union. You may have noticed that you have been swimming in your fears. You may be feeling a lot of emotions

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Continuing to Move From Separation into Union Consciousness in Relationships

A lot of energies swirling around within us in the vibration of separation that are being healed now. Allow yourself to feel the emotions, be aware of your behaviors, your beliefs, and your fears as they come up. Know that

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Continuing to Heal the Separation as We Move Consciously into Union

Gosh, it is truly amazing how we continuously want to move into the separation in all areas…and how DEEPLY this is embedded unconsciously in our psyches. I have realized that the more aware I become of the pieces of separation

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Instead of Following What Has Been, Follow What Your Spirit Knows as Truth

The story of Adam and Eve may be familiar to you, as it is a popular, well known story within the Christian faith, though it has been used in many other instances throughout our history. Where it has been used

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Healing Separation to Move Into Union in Relationships

We can’t move into union without knowing what separation is. It is necessary to know what the patterns have been for so many years within our relationships, patterns that we may have been unconsciously participating in, so that we can

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The Transformation of the Perception of Forgiveness from the Perspective of Union

Q. Could you speak on twin flames and forgiveness? A. This is a great topic! Forgiveness is a two part process, on a human level and a spiritual level. From a human standpoint, it may seem necessary to forgive the

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