Month: November 2012

Your Oneness is Remembered Within Your Mutual Core

*Please watch the video and read the lyrics before you read what I wrote ~ you’ll get much more that way* Lyrics ~ Bjork I shuffle around the tectonic plates in my chest. You know I gave it all, Try

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Soak in Your Own Sweetness

Nestle into the crevices of your being to soak in your sweetness. Everything outside of you is a true reflection of what is within you. Feel the love flowing within you and change your perception on what is not loving

Divine Love Brings it All into ONE

Q. I wonder why TF relationships come so later on into life. Would it not be great if TF relationships fructify at a younger age and happier couples create more stability and happiness all round ! Can we not have

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Happy Thanksgiving ~ Gratitude Within and Without

On this day of Thanksgiving, may you feel the abundance all around you and absolutely within you ~ may you know that no matter what you are experiencing right now in your life, all is unfolding in its beautiful and

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All is Perfect

Every action you have taken is perfect. All is perfect. Everything brings you deeper into the truth of love.

Love into the Remembrance and Experience of the Oneness that you are

Q. There have been miraculous synchronicities around the both of us, many things involving the numbers 11, and many energetic connections that leaves even strangers seeing that there is something that connects us. These have led us to reunite a

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The Promise ~ Tracy Chapman

If you wait for me then I’ll come for you Although I’ve traveled far I always hold a place for you in my heart If you think of me If you miss me once in awhile Then I’ll return to

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Bask in the Peace and Silence of Your Presence

The energies that this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, the 11/11 expansion has brought through and up for me has been quite intense. It has felt like a complete wipeout from within of anything that I had previously attached to which took

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Anything is Possible

ANYTHING is possible in ANY moment, regardless of what IS in this moment. Expand your perception. The moment is always evolving.

You Are Already One with Your Twin Flame

Q. My twin flame and I may have had some fear, but she is the one that pushes me away. I experienced and am aware of this deep soul love for her and she never tells me what she thinks

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