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Q1. I found my twin flame purely accidental on the internet. This wasn’t any kind of dating service but a website called IMVU. Ironically we both joined the exact same day a year ago on Nov 18th. From the first …

Every Step is Perfect and in Divine Order for Your Reunion with Your Twin Flame Read More »

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written by Joseph Brost High vibrations and evolution of human kind to angelic kind is the reason for twin flame physical union reunions there seems to have been always something about relationships in the 3rd dimension that could never escape …

Unconditional Love is the One Heart of Twin Flames Read More »

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Listen to my radio show where I discussed this topic in more detail: Twin Flame Union is About the Eternal Love and Mission

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Many of you have been awaiting a response from me as to how things have turned out here in Los Angeles, and here I am, hearing your call to write. I am staying with a beautiful woman whom I have …

The Continuation of my Move to Los Angeles and the Energies of 2012 Read More »

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Q. I am a clairvoyant, I visualize things and put them in to their place in a verbal way to express it to someone else…I have known who I believe is my twin flame, Sean for almost 13 years…so from …

Dreaming of the Twin Flame While Physically Apart Read More »

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I have mentioned how important surrender, constant surrender, is along the twin flame journey but also of life in all areas, all aspects. This place that I have been in since November has been the most surrendered, liberated, FREE space …

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Q. My Twin Flame is very close to me although we do not get to hang out regularly, we are trying to start a closer relationship together despite the separations due to work. We live in the same city and …

You Know the Truth of Your Path in Union with Your Twin Flame in Your Heart Read More »

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Ah, it’s strong today, so strong that a whirlwind of movement has pushed through my physical dwelling and now my breath is echoing as I look at this wooden floor, in sweet anticipation, excitement and calmness mixed together in the …

Expressions of Love Part 9 Read More »

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Q. Do you believe Religion is an obstacle that can be overcome in a TF relationship= (the different beliefs of religion and the new spiritual beliefs that come with the awakening and connection)? Also that the religious belief makes your …

Twin Flame Love Urges you to Release Separation Read More »

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Q. I truly believe in my heart that I met my soul mate this summer. I was rather shocked and if I’m honest a bit scared of the intensity of the meeting and long story short we did not end …

Releasing Fears and Increasing Self Love to Welcome in Twin Flame ReUnion Read More »

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