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Perfection is You, Right Now

Perfection is always here right now, in this moment, as you are perfect…there is nothing you have to do nor anything that you are waiting for, to feel or be this perfection. For the perfection IS you, as you are,

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Live Love

Exactly! When you dive inside of you where love resides and abides, you naturally live the love within without and become a vessel of living this love in each moment. What does this do? It increases the love within, so

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Being an Empath and Bringing Empathy Deeper into Our World

This video explains a little of what it is to be an Empath, which is one who feels emotions deeply, not only ones own emotions but also that of others and even the collective. Empathy is understanding and feeling what

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Let the Tug of War Cease

Q. What does push pull mean exactly when describing twins I am not sure if I understand that term? A. When you think of push pull, envision a tug of war – one person on each side of the rope,

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Can a Relationship be Too Good to be True?

Can a Relationship be Too Good to Be True? What you believe, how you think and feel, creates your experience in relationships. If you believe that love cannot last, that if you are connecting, feeling deeper happiness and love in

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Finding Balance Between Masculine and Feminine

To listen to the interview I had with Gabriel, please click here where you are free to leave comments and questions too: The Mystery of Woman Upheld and Honored by Gabriel Morris What most needs to happen between men and

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Love is Meant to be Shared Every Day

Ah, so last year at this time, I remember posting about Valentine’s Day, which is considered the day of expressing love. What I’m going to say is very similar to what I shared last year. Valentine’s Day is a commercial

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Video Interviews on Love, Relationships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames

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Underlying Every Challenge is Love: There is ONLY Love

Underneath every challenge in your life experience, there is only love. When you know this, it offers a bigger picture and higher perspective of the “unpleasant” experiences/moments you have had in your life. You may have heard the cliche “everything

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It’s All About Love, Really

Underlying everything is love, truly…all relationships and experiences allow us to tune into our inner psyche and the persona we believe we bring forth to help us to determine of who we see that we are presenting is in alignment

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