Month: November 2011

Not All Twin Flames Are Romantic but There is Deep Unconditional Love Between Them

Q. Hi are all twin flames romantic? Because I met mine 4 years ago, she ignored me for a year, we remet, and I ignored her, I met her again to try to heal and her boyfriend I didnt know

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Coming Back Together with My Twin Flame

Q. I met my twin about six months ago. I knew he was my twin right off. Before saying hello on the phone we giggled a little because it was kinda weird. His comment when we met and spent some

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Twin Flame Union is About the Eternal Deep Unconditional Love and the Mission

Many of you who are on the twin flame journey and have been on it for a while have probably found yourself searching on the internet, reading books, talking with others about this whole experience, to understand it, since it

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Surrender to Love: Let the Flow of the Universe Guide and CoCreate With You

Surrender, why is this is so important on the journey of life and love? What do I mean by surrender? Surrender is when you let go of everything and everyone that you may have been attached to as well as

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Soul Mate Love Enhances Twin Flame Love and Prepares Us for ReUnion

Q. So I’ve met my twin flame but I’m currently in a relationship. One which is very loving. I’m so pulled to be around my twin and we communicate regularly on the Internet sharing our experiences and life story. The

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Portal of Inspiration and the Children of Mu

I was joined by Christopher Sheehan, a leading edge visionary/interdimensional artist and author who channels art as a tool for personal and planetary evolution. Spiritually curious from a young age, both nature and the visionary art and music he was

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Surrender to the Flow: Choose Unconditional Love and Presence in the Moment

Q. My twin soul has 3 children with different women. We met on the internet after he moved to CPT to find himself spiritually. We fell in love and connected spiritually, heart and soul. I’m further along the path spiritually

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Feel Your Connection With Your Twin Flame

Q. My twin and I connected from 50 ft away, it was the most beautiful yet almost traumatizing moment of my life. It was literally a connection, and it was actually caught on video. We have never met face to

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Everlasting Love ~ Howard Jones

He wasn’t looking for a pretty face She wasn’t searching for the latest style He didn’t want someone who walked straight off the tv She needed someone with an interior smile She wasn’t looking for a cuddle in the back

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Beloveds: The Great Undoing Returns Us Home

We are embarking on a profound awakening and opening to the merging of the masculine and female energies of the God and Goddess. This is happening both within us as well as around us, as we are joining our essence

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