Month: February 2012

Healing Separation to Move into Union in Relationships

For many years in our relationships, we have unconsciously been acting in separation, feeling that we are separate from one another, believing that we need separation in order to be together. It is now the time for us to become

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Self Love Enhances the Love For and With Your Twin Flame

Q. I have a question. During the time of a separation, are the twin flames able to gauge each others emotions at that moment. For instance, if I’m feeling a loneliness and a longing to be with my twin are

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Sacred Sexuality

I am asking you to be present within your intimate relationship you are in at this moment. I don’t mean aware and sharing on a surface level, but on the deepest level that is possible. I ask you to open

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It is Essential to Release Separation to Move into Union with your Twin Flame

This is a call to both men and women (the masculine and feminine energies), to open your heart deeper and deeper to the truth that union is present in every moment, within every relationship and experience in your life. I

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I Surrender, My Love

You reach out to me, I hear your voice softly whispering my name, twice and then I am frozen in place, receiving the energy of you as it flows throughout me, born again, reenergized anew, created for you, for this.

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Surrender to What Is to Receive It All

I AM feeling the NEED for surrendering in every moment along this journey of love. Surrendering allows for you to be open to embrace your dreams without any attachments or expectations. The more you focus on the when, how, if

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Physically Feeling Your Twin Flame in a Dream

Q. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what it means to physically feel your twin in a dream (or is it astral travel)? A. When you are physically asleep, your spirit does travel, astral travel,

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Finding Balance Between Masculine and Feminine

To listen to the interview I had with Gabriel, please click here where you are free to leave comments and questions too: The Mystery of Woman Upheld and Honored by Gabriel Morris What most needs to happen between men and

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The Mystery of Woman Upheld and Honored

As a man, have you wondered what women truly desire? As a woman, have you desired to share from the deepest parts of you what you desire in partnership with a man? I was joined by Gabriel Morris, World Traveler

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Light and Warmth with your Twin Flame

Q. I first recognized my twin flame some 34 years ago. Since then much has happened- it was almost like unrequited love. Where I have always loved and he did not appear to return such. Over the years our paths

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